Wednesday, October 25, 2006


as i understand it, we don't need you to send cash or checks upfront. instead, we'll take money at the door. thx.

Monday, October 23, 2006


BCC 20th Reunion Schedule:

Friday, November 24, 2006, 7:30-midnight: Top of the Hill at the Pennsylvania Pour House, 319 Pennsylvania Avenue SE (on Capital Hill), 202-546-7782. (Depending on RSVPs, the price for the weekend should range around $25 per alum....need cash or credit cards.)

Saturday, November 25, 2006, 10-11 AM: Guided tours of the new BCC (kid-friendly event).Meet at the front entrance to the school in Bethesda

Saturday, November 25, 2006, 11:30-2PM: Meadowbrook/ Rock Creek Rec CenterLocal Park -- 7901 Meadowbrook LaneChevy Chase (kid-friendly event). We have reserved the rec center and will have light lunch provided.

RSVP to so we have a sense of the numbers who plan to attend.

Want to help Friday night or Saturday, let us know.

Keep on Battlin' and many thanks to the many people who helped to organize this weekend and collect addresses of classmates.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Here is the plan for the reunion.

Friday, November 24: 8-12pm ...Pennsylvania Pour House (319 PA Ave.) -- cash bar + hors d'oeuvres; we have the top floor/private space; Cost estimate: room=$500+ food for (estimate)100 people =$1400 (Do we want food? Is it worth it?)$1900....we have this reserved (thank you Lynne Fiscina Englert) but have not paid for it yet.

Saturday, November 25: 10am tour of (the new) BCC (cost=free) (kid friendly); meeting place TBA, (somewhere at the school) but tour has been reserved and will be given by current student or someone from the BCC Foundation.

Saturday, November 25: 11:30-2: Kid friendly event....I have reserved the rec center facility at Meadowbrook from 10-2....(Candy Cane City): Cost =$152....we will need to bring lunch stuff for 100 (est.) cost $350? Directions/info:

Cost will vary depending on what our RSVPs look like....but if we expect 100 alums total cost will not exceed $2500.....I'd like to also give a class gift back to BCC so perhaps we should aim to raise $3000.


Maria (Adams) Davidson has kindly agreed to coordinate the search for classmates (thank you, Maria!) who have not responded. We have an outdated list from the BCC Foundation of contact info for our class....Maria will coordinate this, but if enough people volunteer we can divide the class up and each person can be responsible for trying to find 25-30 people and drive them to the blog site/email/make them aware of the plan. Of course, we want everyone from the class to feel welcome and attend as many of the three events as they wish..(Maria: sign me up to help look up some classmates....trying to lead by example here!)
Maria will also be coordinating RSVPs from classmates.
If you'd like to help, contact her directly at:

We will also need help the weekend of the event:
We'll need people to volunteer at the door taking cash, writing nametags etc.
We'll need people to coordinate the Saturday event at be in charge of getting food/drinks there and stting up chairs etc.

You can email with questions or comments, or leave comments via comment function here. Thanks.

Monday, July 10, 2006

we have a plan

in response to people's questions, we have settled on a plan. we're going ahead with the informal gathering for friday evening, as set forth in zach's email/post, along with the saturday morning/afternoon BCC tour and kid friendly gathering.

zach will shortly confirm dates, prices, and what else we need help with (we likely want to divide up our list of classmates and try to track folk down via google or whatever). thx for the patience as we sorted this out, and apologies for those whose suggestions weren't accepted, but we've tried to go with what seems to be the consensus position on all issues before the committee.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

what we really need to know -- and pretty much now -- is whether people want something more formal (think prom) or something more casual (think ten-year reunion). the easiest way to obtain a show of hands is via comments, so go to. [[pls note -- you do NOT have to register to comment, you can choose anonymous.]] thx.

Monday, June 05, 2006

we had some trouble sending this to all the contacts in our list, so i'm also posting here:

Greetings Class of 1986 -- is where we stand for the 20th reunion.
We have three events scheduled (or about to be schedulued)
1. Friday November 24 -- 7-12p....Drinks and heavy snacks at the Pennsylvania Pour House on Cap Hill....this is a bar partially owned/managed by Lynne Fiscina Englert and her husband Joe. They have a nice room upstairs with a full bar and will do catered snacks. Room seats 150 or so....there would be a cost but it is certainly managable.
2. Tour of the new BCC at 10am on Saturday, November has been completely redone since we were there....alumni association and current students would give tours.... [i think 10 AM is too earlier -- how about 11?]
3. Saturday November 26 11:30-2.....Kid friendly lunch/gathering at Lynnbrook Rec Center (I havent' made the reservation yet, we could also do at Meadowbrook/Rock Creek or North Chevy Chase (any preferences?) go to: for more info....I'll put the deposit down in the next week or let me know if you have a preference or other ideas for this.... [we need a moon bounce and ponies. seriously.]
4. Total cost per person should be around $50 for the weekend...anything left over we can donate in the form of a class gift to BCC. [how are we collecting? upfront? at the door? (door seems easiest, the mechanics of upfront payment seem difficult.)]
Things we need volunteers for:
1. I have received a list of our class from the BCC Alumni Association. It is about 5 years old....and a bit dated....but has over 400 points of contact on it....once we have nailed down our exact plan in the next week or so....we ought to divide this list up and email everyone on it. We could Google people as well, and may want to send out postcards to the mail addresses. [there has to be some easy way to take the excel spreadsheet to (e.g.) kinkos and just have them run off the 500 or so address stickers to put on postcards with whatever info we want to send along] If so, please feel free to do this as well and we will reimburse you for postage after the reunion. We ought to direct people to this email address and the blog site
We will set up a RSVP list on this site soon.
2. The Saturday afternoon event (kid-friendly) at Lynbrook or (wherever) should be for lunch. We'll need volunteers to handle the food....not sure best way....platters from Giant or some such seems easiest.....but we'll need a few people to step up and take this on....once again, you would be reimbursed from the pool. [i bet we can get giant or someone to deliver some 10 foots subs, all we'll need is some pop, plates, whatever that gross lime drink was you used to get in the plastic milk jug things, etc.]
Thoughts? Suggestions [shakeys!! (make that "farrells!!" for those from west of wisconsin) puttputt!! duckpins!!]? Ideas? Now is the time.
Please direct people not on this email list to us so we can get the most accurate and diverse set of people to the reunion.....Let us know now.....the next email you get will likely be the actual invitation.
And, of course, keep on battlin'.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


comments and emails raise a number of issues:

1. does the event need to be in bethesda? my take, likely not, though there are some reasons it's worth considering. as others have noted, we've already had reunions elsewhere. and for those flying in, there are places closer to national then bethesda. that said, bethesda obviously is convenient to the school, in case we want to have tours or somesuch. another benefit is that a bethesda location may be easier to find. that is, trying to find some place on capitol hill may be offputting, or the xtra distance may be enough to dissuade some people in the area who just want to drop by.

2. what else, other than the main event, do we have (if anything)? e.g., kids picnic somewhere with ponies or putt putt? tour of remodelled school? square dancing with whatever old teachers we can track down? roller skating at congressional or wheelawhile? and, if there are other events we want, what do we need to do to get started?

3. when do we start googling people? put another way, can we get enough contacts via 6 degrees of BCC email? or do we need to try to track people down other ways? anyone still have one of their old BCC directories? does the alumni association retain some sort of class mailing list?

4. do we need to get a block of rooms at some hotel so that there's somewhere relatively close to the reunion people can stay (permitting either walking or cabs)? or do we assume folk can fend for themselves?

5. should we move the website somewhere like myspace that would permit other linked sites, more advanced functionality, etc.? or is that too much trouble?

6. do people want some way to provide updates? i know my sister's class (83) had some way you could provide a few paragraphs describing current status, not sure where it was hosted or how published. we could just have people send emails with the heading "update" and publish them here, but there likely is some better way to handle it.